Often in my day to day work routine, I field common questions, such as “How can I get more traffic for my website?”

The question itself covers such a broad range, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), marketing, Social Media, organic marketing, email marketing, print media, contests, create awesome content, email signature, and the list goes on. Suffice to say, I think many of us are always on the lookout for some of the grass roots things we can implement while on the go. The following suggestions are not new, but from experience, I’ve found that often we are not doing them, and, let’s face it… They are practical and very effective.

Use Social Currency.
For the website content you create, ensure you ask your readers to contribute with a share, a follow, a tweet, etc. from the social networks you’ve targeted. Especially, when creating content that’s of great value, promoting it to the right people (in this manner) can provide massive boosts in traffic from their social media followers. This often is one of the better ways to get broad exposure, increasing traffic and readership.

Make Sure it Works.
Nothing is more frustrating than a site with broken links and features, as visitors would need to work around the roadblocks. The fact of the matter, visitors won’t work around “errors”, they’ll just go to a better functioning website. Be proactive, don’t procrastinate, if something on your website does not work, either fix it or remove it – Before adding new content or features. A well run website is it’s own beacon to increase readership. Take a moment and stop… Look through your website, is something broken, or not working well? Decide right then, fix it or remove it? And take action right away.

Use Your Circle.
Ask your friends and family to help. They’ll ask their friends, who will ask theirs, and so on, and so on, and so on… How does that work for your website? Easy peasy, here’s what to do:

Personally ask them for help, by inviting them to send a link to your website (or a specific page / post) on your website to four or more people they think the URL would provide good value content to. Don’t overindulge! Nobody likes to receive constant email like that, as over time it becomes annoying and is akin to spam (which will reduce your website traffic). Instead, do this very occasionally, with tact and aplomb.

This provides surges of traffic, and will garner some return visits. This works best when your website already has a good amount of valuable content (that people can come back later to read).

Start a Project.
I think this one is common as we’ve all seen Community driven Facebook pages for causes, Google Groups for niches, and so on. But do it with an innovative twist, create a “Project” instead, that your website is the patron of. The sky is the limit as it could be related to your content, services, products, profession, business, etc. For example the creation of content that everyone in your project can contribute to; a win-win for everyone. As participants contribute to the content, they are actually building the story (about whatever that content targets), and in turn, provides the motivation for people to share it (and garner more participants).

Operation Automate.
Isn’t it fun, after posting content, to log into all your social media venues and tweet, share, post, etc. your content? Social media can become time consuming, especially with profile updates, every time you have new, valuable content. Your time is valuable, ensure that your website auto-posts your content to your social media platforms. This frees up your time to focus on other important things.

Additionally, go green and recycle your older content! The key here is to ensure relevant content is revived. A post about a product, service, discussion that is outdated, may not help. Instead, use content that provides your top traffic draw and is timeless.


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